Does the area around your nipples seem to be tight and hard as if filled with fluid?

Sometimes they do feel like this. When they do I pump for about 10minutes to see if it would help, it doesn't.
How many total ounces of expressed breastmilk is your baby taking per day? How many total ounces of formula? About how often is your baby staying on the breast and taking a good feeding?

She is getting 30ml or 1ounce of BM every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. When she eats that amount sometimes she doesn't want anymore so as for Formula she usually gets maybe 10ml every 2 1/2 to 3 hours AFTER the BM, thats only if she wants to eat more. She is not really staying on the breast that long. Today she stayed on the breast for 10minutes though, which was really exciting for me, she hasn't done that since we got home. Maybe it is because I am cutting back on her formula. I told DH that I was going to try and get in touch with the LC from the hosptial today, but I called and she is on vacation. Things seem to be looking up though because she actually stayed on the breast..

When we went to her 1 week appointment today she gained 1 ounce so that was exciting too...

Have you heard of marathon pumping? The pedi told me that I should try to pump for 10min then break for 10min and so on for an hour, and this could help me produce more milk. Is that a possibiliy??