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Thread: relactation? still not sure.

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    Question relactation? still not sure.

    I've posted on newborn challenges on whether to relactate or not. My situation is pretty crazy so I'd ask that you would read about it before replying. If I do start up breastfeeding again, I need to know what that looks like in order to keep the little guy full & content. I also would like suggestions on flat nipples and if you have experience with reoccuring breast infections, I would love to hear your suggestions in paticular.

    I can squeeze out a tad of milk from both nipples and I leak from time to time...especially on my right side. So I'm not worried about building up my supply. But like I said, I don't want my son to go hungry during this process.

    Thanks for any advice that you are able to extend. I know it'll be helpful.

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    Default Re: relactation? still not sure.

    i read you post in the newborn section. i'm so sorry you went through so much =(. i think it's hard enough to have a new baby without adding to the stress. i'm really not sure what the chances are of you getting sick again, but i can tell you a bit about relactaion. the number 1 thing you want to do is just try to nurse him. see if he will latch on, even if it's just for a minute. next, find a lactation consultant you like and trust in you area. my daughter was 7 1/2 months old when i decided i couldn't go on not nursing her anymore. all of the doctors and nurses and even some of the LCs i talked with said it was not possible since it had been 5 months and i had no milk supply. i kept looking until i found someone who knew she could help. you had mentioned being worried about your son starving. since you seem to have some milk you are already off to a wonderful start in getting your supply back. a lactation aid can help you while you're building your supply. it is simply a bag or bottle the formula goes in to and a small tube that runs from it to your breast. the baby sucks on your breast creating stimulation but get the food he needs from the formula. this way once he's taking all his feedings through it you can toss the bottles! (that was a great day for me) once your milk supply is back you can wean him from the lactaion aid. what's nice about them is that you wear the container under your shirt around you neck. i can BF in public now after some practice and no one knows she's getting anything but breast milk. your LC will also probably tell you to get a hospital grade pump so you can pump between feedings. there are some herbs and medications you can take to help increase your supply. i found it was wonderful to have my LC in the begining because she managed all those things and made recomendations. that way all i had to worry about was nursing my daughter. in the begining it was strange and wonderful all at the same time. it's not easy. it was quite a few weeks before things started to feel natural, but i knew this was what i wanted. i also joined a few online forums, so i had people cheering me on. i would get such wonderful responses when i hit milestone moments. it really kept me going. it's now been almost 5 months which will be a milestone in itself. for me the decision was the best one i ever made as a mommy. it's possible and wonderful if that's what you decide. it's also ok if you decide it's not for you. good luck! let me know if you decide to go ahead and give it a try. i'd love to cheer you on!

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    Default Re: relactation? still not sure.

    [quote=redsoxmom]I've posted on newborn challenges on whether to relactate or not. My situation is pretty crazy so I'd ask that you would read about it before replying. If I do start up breastfeeding again, I need to know what that looks like in order to keep the little guy full & content. <

    Hi redsoxmom
    The information you need about relactating can be found in these articles:

    I would like to resume breastfeeding after an interruption. How do I relactate?

    Back to the Breast

    Starting Over

    I would strongly suggest that you work together with your pediatrician when relactating. As you say, the most important thing is to feed your baby, and so you will need to keep close tabs on weight gain. Your local La Leche League Leader can also be a valuable resource. If you are not already in touch with a local Leader, go to:

    If there is no LLL Leader in your neighbourhood, you might want to see a board certified (IBCLC) lactation consultant. LCs usually charge for services. To find a local LC go to http://www.ilca.org

    You also asked about flat nipples and reoccuring breast infections. Please ask about those questions in the Infant Breastfeeding Questions section: http://lalecheleague.org/vbulleti.php?f=9
    You will want to mention those concerns when you see your local La Leche League Leader (or the Lactation Consultant) because they are relevant to your situation.
    There are many things we can do onlline, but sometimes it really helps to see somebody in person so that they can see what is happening.

    Please keep in touch!


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    starting tonight i plan to bf...for more info, check out the newborn posting to save typing time

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