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Thread: Help!!!... over supply?

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    Question Help!!!... over supply?

    Hi, the past few days i have been having problems with my 7 week old baby, she gets very fussy, screaming her little head off when ever its time for her to eat. she will latch on (sometimes in a very frantic way) and start eating, cause i can hear her swallowing and then i will have a let down and she gets upset she starts pulling off the breast, gulping really fast, and struggle breathing so i have to take her off the breast and calm her down and after a few minutes try again but as soon as i give her the breast she takes it in a very frantic way and then starts crying and pulling at the breast but wont let go. i don't know if its a fast let down or an over supply, and i cant giver her a bottle because she wont take it, any suggetions...? i have also notice that when she latches on the breast her tummy makes funny noise like rumbles, is this gas? if so, does it bother her? any tips on making it better for her? thanks for listening, i didnt think that breastfeeding was going to be so hard and time consuming but i'm still happy i'm breastfeeding

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    Oversupply and OALD often go together. You might check out the too much milk board. Here's some other ideas you might find helpful. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html

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    I have EXACTLY the same problem. We have been dealing with fussy feedings for 11 weeks now. My LO's problem has been a combination of OALD, GERD, and gas. Have you tried Mylicon drops before feedings to help with the gas? A lot of people say that has helped for them. It didn't do anything for my lo...gripe water has been a lifesaver though. It calms her little tummy within ten minutes and she is able to eat without squirming. For overactive letdown what helps for me has been to break suction when I feel the letdown coming, and letting the milk squirt into a washcloth or nursing pad until the flow settles down. I will let LO suck on one of my nuckles so that she doesn't get too fussy while she is waiting for the squirting to stop. Good luck! I know what you are going through.

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    Sure does sound like OALD...we had the same problem. It worked for me to squirt it into a burp cloth as the previous pp stated. Also, you could try and lean back and let gravity help you both out a little. I think the article that is posted above will also tell you that. Fussy feedings are very common. You can read this article to find out more about that.

    We found that gripe water worked well for my lo for his gas. Have you tried burping her before the feeding? That could also help a little.

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