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Thread: Should I give her lunch?

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    Default Should I give her lunch?

    My DD is 8 mos old and is majority breastfed. She eats some oatmeal in the morning and then a fruit and veggie for dinner with us, and in between is nursing. I am wondering do I need to introduce Lunch time to her? My wonderful supportive mom says no but I am still worried! Am I selfish because I don't want to lose that bond and not to mention my supply? She has a great weight and seems totally happy with my BM whenever I give it to her never pushing it away!ha ha! Just want opinions?
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    Default Re: Should I give her lunch?

    Can you make your font 'regular' size again - my blind eyes can't read it

    Now, for your question You could give al ittle meat (chicken turkey or something) and maybe some vegis with hummus or somthing just to have her try it out - after a nursing of course. But if she is happy and healthy and thriving, you don't have to. It'd just be for fun at this point

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    Default Re: Should I give her lunch?

    I would nurse her first, then have her experiment with lunch.

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    if she seems content with just BM and the doc isn't recommending more solids, then I wouldn't worry about it. If you think that she is interested in more solids, then it's fine to do lunch too. My son is 9 months old and has been eating 3 solid meals a day for the last few months. He is now starting
    1-2 snacks a day (plus nursing 4-5 times).
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    Quote Originally Posted by My2Girlies View Post
    I would nurse her first, then have her experiment with lunch.

    BM is sufficient nutrition up to the age of one. Until that time, solids are only for experimentation with new tastes and textures and new motor skills.

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