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Thread: Now it's really going to get interesting.... (teeth!)

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    Default Now it's really going to get interesting.... (teeth!)

    So my poor DD. She's always been a smiley, happy baby, but for the longest time would rarely laugh. Then today she was laughing at the most random things (like how I was taking the diapers, one by one, off of the dryer and making a neat stack of them on the washer. I got to the third diaper and she giggled. lol). And I think now that the reason she hadn't laughed so much before is b/c she was too sore. She has her two bottom teeth, and her top gums have had 4 tooth-shaped swollen spots since before Thanksgiving. But today the teeth are finally popping through! She is going to get all 4 of them at once, though, because the two that are popping through are two on the side instead of the two in the middle.

    But anyway, back to the subject. The bottom teeth didn't change DD's and my nursing relationship since she covers those teeth with her tongue. But now these top teeth coming in so fast and soon now are making me a little worried. LOL. I just hope she and I adapt to these new little chompers fine and we don't go through a biting phase (or if she does, that it doesn't last very long).

    Anyone have any tips or sympathy?
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    Default Re: Now it's really going to get interesting.... (teeth!)

    DD got her side teeth before her middle teeth on top also. I think the inside ones waited a few weeks, but I have a super slow teether. We've had a few little "nips" and "scrapes" from the teeth, but honestly, nothing has been close to the pain from our latch problems in the early days. You may be a little sore for a few days, but then your LO will figure things out and you'll get used to them if your experience is anything like mine has been. Good luck with the new chompers!

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    Default Re: Now it's really going to get interesting.... (teeth!)

    My DD got one front and the side next to it. DS was calling her snaggle tooth! Yesterday she finally cut the other front tooth. This has been the hardest tooth yet!
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    Default Re: Now it's really going to get interesting.... (teeth!)

    They learn pretty quickly how to nurse with those strange things in their mouths! She'll get through it and your little one will be so happy!
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    Default Re: Now it's really going to get interesting.... (teeth!)

    I had some problems in the beginning with the top two teeth. DS was not actually biting, but I had teeth indentations and quite a bit of discomfort. I found these tips on the KellyMom website. Scroll down to not really biting but scraping teeth or indentations. HIH!!!

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    Default Re: Now it's really going to get interesting.... (teeth!)

    Don't worry, together you'll figure out how to make it work once they're in.

    In a way it might be better that she's a bit older because she likely can understand the "Ouch, that hurts mama" type of replies if she does bite/nip you. My lo had her 2 top front teeth by 8 months which certainly changed from the relatively pain free nip from just bottom 2 agains gums. The process of getting her to understand biting is not OK took a while at that age and was very frustrating at times.

    BUT...the teeth grinding that must be experimented with once they are in is horrible

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