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Thread: Sensative Breasts after menstrating.

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    Default Sensative Breasts after menstrating.

    I got my first period about a month ago and am probably getting it again. Here's my problem, my breast are so sensitive I can hardly handle breastfeeding. My daughter is still nursing and 2 1/2, but my son is only 8 1/2 months. Is this normal from hormones? I am not pregnant, but seems like the same sort of sensitivity.

    I would love some help or suggestions to help. I want to continue breastfeeding, but my body is completely rejecting any and all feelings to breastfeed.

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Sensative Breasts after menstrating.

    I am really sorry I don't have any suggestions, but I do sympathize with you. For about a week around the time I ovulate my nipples are super sensitive and it is so irritating to have DS (almost 2) nurse. That's always when I have serious thoughts about weaning, then the week passes and we're okay again. I've started charting a bit and I mark the days when I have sore nipples. I think this kind of helps me to maintain perspective that this isn't a constant issue for us. I sometimes distract and limit more during that week than usual.

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    I notice it about a week befor emy period and it continues until about the 3rd day of my period- it becomes so unbearably painful that I can't stand it, but somehow, I just breathe through it and try to take it one feeding at a time. Encourage a good latch and try to remember your labor breathing to get through the pain. It is temporary, so don't let it define your nursing relationship. You can get through it- mind over matter. (easier said than done, but worth a try!)

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    Default Re: Sensative Breasts after menstrating.

    I experience the same thing, also a dip in supply, so dd wants to nurse MORE instead of less. . . I do my best not to let dd know it hurts and not get frustrated with her. It's not easy though.
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