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    I recently returned to work part time so 3 days out of the week a sitter comes to be with dd. But now at night she wakes 5-6 times to nurse or just be held. Usually it was 2 per night. She also is very resistant to being put in her bassinet unless she is already asleep and for 2 nights she has woken crying tears and all she wants is to mouth the breast and then she's back asleep. She is 5 months old what can I do to make this easier for her. She knows the sitter well and doesn't cry when I leave her with her anymore . I had planned to take her to work with me but 3 new people just joined our small office so its not so small anymore and plus one guy just had pneumonia and another had bronchitis, so it is stay away from germs at home for her. How can I make this easier on her. I'm considering staying at home but need to run my finances before I put it to dh.

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    I don't have any advice but it sounds like your baby misses you and she is waking up to see you. GL

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    If it were me I'd let DH know about my feelings while I am in the decision making process.. he may be able to give you perspective... but then it all depends on how your marriage works - you are the expert on your family ^_^

    I agree with pp.

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