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Thread: Medela Warranty (pump problems)

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    Question Medela Warranty (pump problems)

    Hello ladies,

    I was hoping you could share your experiences dealing with customer service from Medela. My pump (Pump in Style Advanced) is 4 months old and I use it for exclusive pumping. For the past couple of days my pump is making strange noises (it is very loud). I have a feeling my pump is about to die on me. Since I am so dependant on the pump I'd like to avoid waiting until it actually dies and then deal with quickly getting a replacement.

    Did any of you have to ever deal with Medela and getting replacement parts from them? Do you have to send your old pump back? How long does it take them send you the part? I am guessing I will need to change the whole motor unit. I was just wondering if they will be giving me a hard time with warranty and replacement. I just went through hell with Best Buy trying to replace my cell which was under additionally purchased warranty from them and bottom line is that after days and days of arguing I ended up just giving up! So I'd love to hear your experiences with exchanging and getting new parts from Medela.

    I guess I just want to know if it is worth the effort or if I would just have to buy another pump or rent a pump from somewhere.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: Medela Warranty (pump problems)

    Call 1-800-TELLYOU. A rep will listen to your pump working and be able to tell you which steps to take next.

    As long as you bought your pump new and have the receipt, you should have no issues at all! Medela has excellent customer service.

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