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Thread: Do herbals work for milk supply?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carpentergirl View Post
    What have you tried so far to increase you milk? Lets see if there isn't anything we have left out.

    Increasing your milk supply is for the most part dependent on removing more milk, and giving your body enough time to understand what you are asking of it. Herbal supplements can be used when altering breastfeeding patterns has been exhausted.

    I urge you to consult your doctor before trying supplements because of adverse reactions. For example Fenugreek can lower blood sugar and can decrease cholesterols in some women. It is good to review taking herbal galactogogues with a physician.
    I drink a lot of fluids (water and milk mostly), stopped drinking soda- even diet/caffeine-free, rest whenever I can (the state my house is in is proof of that), I feed her on-demand and for as long as she wants....I think I have a good diet- 3 meals and lots of snacks....?

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    Good job mama!
    I eat a lot of oatmeal, mostly because I love it. I've also tried Fenugreek. It seemed to help when I noticed my supply dipping due to getting my 1st period. I also added a pumping session before bed too.
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    Fenugreek 4 capsules 3x/day is what i've taken with no side effects but i believe complete and effective removal is the key. After nursing i use a hospital grade pump to ensure complete removal. i've always had problems with supply and this being my 3rd child am finally successful - he's 5 weeks old. i truly believe it's due to the pump i have. Lactina can be rented.

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    I agree with the oatmeal idea. I felt like my milk was slowing so I started having oatmeal for breakfast and drinking TONS of water. My water trick is to fill a jug of water and set the oven timer for one hour. in that hour my water has to be gone. Works for me. Also, I take Fenugreek but I'm not sure which of my "tricks" is doing the job. Good luck and hang in there!!

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