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    I have an 11 week old who likes to eat around every hour to hour and a half. We may need to travel about 16 hours away. Any suggestions for this?

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    What is your mode of travel? Car? Airplane?

    Without any more information, my best response is -- you'll just have to feed the baby as normal. Plan stops as needed. If air travel, it'll be easy to feed the baby in flight or in airport (people are so enthralled with their own travel, they won't even notice).

    Is the baby the only child you will be travelling with? Is it possible to divide the trip into 2 days or drive through the night if you're going by car?

    I know this isn't quite the same, but when our 1st was about 10 weeks old, we planned a drive of 4 hours. I was so nervous about it, thinking he'd be crying the whole time and it would take us 12 hours to make the drive. He slept the whole way! Of course, we stopped along the way when we needed to to wake and feed him and ourselves. We were so thankful! Travelling with LO's is different for sure, but just go with it -- know that it will take a little longer and give that baby a good rub when you get there after being strapped in for so long. Hope all goes well...maybe someone else will have more specific suggestions. (:

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    We are traveling by car and plan to drive in one night. She has been getting bm in bottles so we will probably try and do that in the car. I am a little nervous about how she will take it.

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    she might sleep more with the motion of the car. Just be prepared to stop if needed. You might get there later so don't get your heart set on getting there at a specific time. I traveled to the US with my little one (only 4 hours) and she did great. So your LO might suprise you.

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    You could try alternating b/t breast and bottle. If your LO is eating every hour and a 1/2, you could feed in the car w/a bottle and then the next time, make a pit stop and utilize that time and feed by breast. ?? That way you don't have to prepare as many bottles and you may not have to worry about pumping in the car to "relieve" the girls.

    Also, from personal experience, don't try and plan your trip down to the specifics. Allow yourself plenty of time and be flexible. We planned a trip that should have only taken 1 1/2 hrs, but it took us 6 b/c of really bad traffic. So just be flexible w/yourselves and plan on having to stop if your LO needs to--whether it be for feedings or diaper changes.
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    I agree with pps - she may surprise you! My lo also want to eat often (1.5-2 hrs) but in the car she can go A LOT longer without!!! She sleeps more than when we are not in the car! I pump in the car and two times (in a pinch) I have fed her a bottle of EBM while in the car seat (husband drives, I sit in back with her) then we stop just for me to take her out to burp!! This way we dont have to make too long of a stop! SHe doesnt know the difference and both times she fell right back to sleep no problems!

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