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Thread: 10 weeks & sleeping through the night?!

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    Default 10 weeks & sleeping through the night?!

    My LO is 10 wks and has been pretty sporatic about nighttime feeings. This week though he has graually been taking longer and longer stretches. He did 9 1/2 hours the night befor last! His weight gain has been good. Will these long stretches deplete my milk supply? I still feel like we are working on that. Should I wake him to nurse in the night? Also, we have been fighting off thrush for the past two 1/2 weeks, and still fighting. I have been trying to avoid the Dr's office and have tried vinegar (on myself, baby, and our sheets), we are taking probiotics. I am on "Yeast Defense". Now I am using GSE, internally and exturnally, and a few other thigs I can"t remember right now, and we are still dealing with this. The area around his mouth is looking a little irritated, and my left nipple is cracked (little bit of vit. E) I have read lot on gentian violet, but have also been told it is a poison, and that it could slow down oxytocin prodution. Is this safe to try next, or is it time to go tho the Dr's office? Also, does thrush make a sleepy baby? I don't know if I have posted this in the right place. Any direction would be welcome.
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    Default Re: 10 weeks & sleeping through the night?!

    I don't have answers to all your questions except that going that long could effect supply and if you are worried about it, you could pump. When my lo goes a long stretch I try to pump in the morning, b/c I'm usually engorged and I know she's not going to eat all of it anyway...it's an easy time for me to get some milk stored and to keep my supply up. Remember too that you may become more fertile if bb is going longer than six hours at a time...

    hopefully someone will chime in about some other questions

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    Default Re: 10 weeks & sleeping through the night?!

    I had no problems with supply when DD started sleeping through the night at 11 1/2 weeks. Although, I think that was when I started pumping one side while she nursed the other in the morning.
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    Default Re: 10 weeks & sleeping through the night?!

    My dd slept a 6 hour stretch from birth at by that age she often went 8+ hours at night. I have over supply but I never had any issues with my supply. I think you will be okay. He will wake up if he is hungry. I too would pump one side while she nursed on the other side in the am because I was super full and I didn't want to get mastitis. Enjoy the sleep.

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    Default Re: 10 weeks & sleeping through the night?!

    Hi there! My son is almost ten weeks old and we've been battling thrush too. But we've had it since he was born. I've been putting off this treatment because of staining, but I've finally decided to use gentian violet. I've read a lot of good things about it and my midwife says the thrush should be gone within a few days.

    Also, in the past couple weeks my son has started sleeping longer and longer at night. Last night he went six hours. While he does seem to nurse fairly frequently and my supply is lower than it was when he was younger, I'm not showing any signs of having too low of a supply. The lower supply is a good thing though because I had an over supply early on.

    Now I'm just hoping the longer stretches of sleep won't help my fertility return!
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