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Thread: How much solids should 12 month old eat?

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    Default How much solids should 12 month old eat?

    DD is almost a year old! She only eats 2 solid meals a day. Usually "brunch" and dinner. Sometimes, she'll have O's as a snack. She has tried and likes a lot of foods. I just don't offer more than the 2 times. Should I be? I nurse on demand still when I'm with her. I'd rather just nurse her. Especially, since I'm weaning myself from the pump while working. I don't want to have supply issues. Have a lot of frozen EBM for her if we end up needing it after the pump weaning.
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    Default Re: How much solids should 12 month old eat?

    i don't know how much solids a 12 months should take because i think that there isn't a rule, especially if the baby is bfed. My LO is 17 months but at the age of 12 months i remember she was barely eating solids. My ped suggested me to breastfeed her first as much as she wants, usually before her meals and then offer her something. She suggested 3 meals: fruits (10-12), lunch (2-4), dinner (6-8). As much she wanted. No push, but always offering after. In Greece most of the peds after 6 months are really concerned about the solids and usually suggest moms to stop bfing so that the baby should start eating solids. They believe that if the baby is bf prefers mother milk. The last thing they'll say is to bf after solids, but i think that this is really bad cause the basic food until 12 is mother's milk. I remember my Lo wasn't eating so much solids and especially graparents were really sad and miserable with that issue. Our ped was fine, since Lydia was taking weight and was happy. After 13 months she started minimising the bf time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes and was really interested in solids. Now i still bf her whenever she wants which is rare and sometimes is sad for me and suring all night.

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    Default Re: How much solids should 12 month old eat?

    The amount of solids you are offering sounds fine to me. Personally, I found it easiest just to follow my baby's lead. We put her in her highchair at mealtimes, and gave her table food. If she ate, great. If not, and all she did was play, that was also fine.

    Breastmilk is sufficient food up to the age of one, and babies don't go from needing only breastmilk to needing immense amounts of solids the moment they turn one. It's a gradual transition from one to the other. Solids didn't compose a majority of my daughter's diet until around 15 months of age, and she's just fine!

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    Default Re: How much solids should 12 month old eat?

    I would just make sure your caregivers have lots of good stuff they can offer her while you are away, due to the pump weaning. I am not pump weaning, but my 18 MO barely drinks any BM while I'm away. You just want her to have ACCESS to however much she wants to eat while you're gone. (ie, make sure they know they don't have to make her eat any set amount.) Also, because you're supply may dip due to pump weaning, you might just want to be aware of that and offer more solids if you notice a need.

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    Default Re: How much solids should 12 month old eat?

    I read the posts and I found out that I'm doing everything opposite! My DS who will be 1 in 12 days is eating 3 meals a day plus some snacks. I let him eat his solids and as soon as they are gone I nurse him. He's a little oinker, and he's so thin. There is not an ounce of baby fat on that little guy, I praise BF for that. His nursing habbits didn't stop after we introduced solids. He LOVES them and he LOVES nursing. I figure if his habbits haven't changed now, they probably never will! We're going to do baby lead weaning, and I'm all for it. I was at a friend's house this weekend and she asked if he was going to be off 'the boob' by a year old and I said, not likely! I'll nurse him until he's ready to quit. She gave formula to her babies so she doesn't quite understand the bond between the mom and baby, they are currently trying for a third and she wants to bf, so I told her if she had any questions at all to get ahold of me!

    If I were to cut him off in 12 days I probably would die of a broken heart. I heard the weaning is worse on the mom than it is on the baby!

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    Smile Re: How much solids should 12 month old eat?

    Everything I've read says at one year they can be down to 3-4 breastfeedings per day, then solids and snacks as hungry. The baby knows when to stop.
    Generally, I know DD is done when she starts jettisoning finger foods off the tray and watching for the dogs to come get it!

    My DD generally does:
    7 am solid breakfast
    10 am breastfeed to nap
    (2-3 hr nap)
    2 pm snack (juice and Cheerios usually)
    4 pm breastfeed
    6 pm solid dinner
    8 pm breastfeed to sleep

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    Default Re: How much solids should 12 month old eat?

    Gage "eats" like 5 times, but it is in very small portions. I give him a little rice krispies and milk before we leave for daycare (like 6:30 or so) then he has some toast or a fruit at DC at like 9 with a bottle (half bm half milk since I am pump weaning) and them lunch at 11 (half a grilled cheese and applesauce) a cookie at 3 and then dinner with us. You have to realize though...I'm talking 5 bites half the time. He is just being introduced to stuff often. I think there is not 'supposed to have" at this point. go with your gut

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