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Thread: Oversupply problem. Which pacifier?

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    I woudn't give her a paci at all

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    We reluctantly use the Avent brand and soothie. I like the soothie better because she has to suck like she is nursing to keep it in and of coarse she likes the Avent one better. She is only allowed to have her dummy in her crib and in her carseat. She is 10 months know she isn't allowed to have it anyother place and will hand it to me. If I were you I would avoid the paci if you can. It is one less thing to wean from later and the comfort from nursing will be a greater benefit to your LO. Good luck
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    I use Avent and MAM. I had noticed an increase in fussiness and coming on/off breast once I introduced it though and was concerned about nipple confusion so be warned it's a possibility. My main issue I think was I couldn't tell so easily when she was hungry with teh pacifier and tried to feed her at the wrong times making her cross and me anxious. That said, she still is now more reluctant to feed when v overtired I think she won't make the effort so much since taking the pacifier and I've had to give the odd bottle. Due to my little one's terrible colick and screaming all waking hours I've had to go for the pacifier as it is the only thing that made her happy (even more effective than my constant nursing). For me her happiness was paramount.

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