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    I went to the ER last night and found out I had kidney stones. They gave me morphine while I was there and a prescription for Tylenol #4 for when I got home. I told them i was breastfeeding, and they said to wait til 8 am when the morphine would be out of my system. Well Luke has been fussy all day long. I am wondering if the Tylenol # 4 is bothering him. Does anyone know anything about this?? I called a pharmacist and they said its ok, but I'm wondering if I should stop taking it til I can call a Dr. in the morning. Any input would be helpful! Thanks! Jennifer

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    I had kidney stones when my baby was 10 days old and stayed in the hospital for a few days and let the baby stayed with me. I don't remember taking Tylenol #4, I do remember been hooked up on morphine then something stronger and then something stronger but not before they asked a LC if it was OK for me to take since I was BF and she said it was OK, otherwise I guess I would it stay crying all those days, the only thing she told me was that the baby might get sleepy, well he didn't I think he was actually hyper. The only time they told me to pump and dump was when I went under general anesthesia. They gave me something before the morphine since they didn't know what I had at the moment it could it be Tylenol and whatever it was it was supposed to be safe while BF. Tylenol is a very popular med and very safe, but if you feel that it's bothering your baby then stop and call you doctor as soon as you can.

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    I don't know what Tylenol #4 is but I took hydrocodone and morphine after my C-section and breastfed. I couldn't see that it had any affect, and I would imagine if it did it would just make baby sleepy. But if you are uncomfortable, then wait and call the doctor. Just remember if you are in pain, baby will sense that, so do what you have to to keep the pain in control.

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    Hi toriandlukesmom,
    You can look up both of these drugs on the American Academy of Pediatrics website. If you go to this link first and scroll down to table 6 you will find some information.
    In Dr. Hale's book, Medications and Mothers' Milk, Tylenol #4 is listed under Codeine. Hale lists both of these medications as LRC L3.
    You can also look here on kellymom for some info. http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/pain-meds.html
    Be sure to click on the notes for both of them for further info.
    Sorry this is so brief but the kids are calling!

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    Thank you all so much for your replies. I have called my doctor to see if there is something else I can take- I took Percocet before and it didn't bother the baby so I'll see if something else will have a better affect on him. Thanks again, you guys are great!

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