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Thread: On vacation with distractible infant - what to do?

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    Default On vacation with distractible infant - what to do?

    We are planning to take a 2 week vacation in late February with our now 7 (then 9) month old, and I'm a little bit worried. He was a great nurser for the first three months but we've struggled a bit since then. Lately he's gotten more distractible and, on the weekends when I'm around to nurse him all day, will really only eat when he's very sleepy. During the week he is with a caregiver during the day as I work full time, and he eats EBM well from a bottle so I'm not as worried (he also weighs 20 lbs now at just over 7 months, so clearly something is going right). However, I'm worried about how we'll cope on our trip when ideally I would like to forego the bottle and just breast feed him. Will he eventually eat if he gets hungry enough? How do I deal with the distractibility? It is not really realistic for me to plan to be in a dark room every time I want to feed him. Does anyone have any other advice to cope with this? Should I just resign myself to these ultra-short (3-4 minute) feeding sessions for the duration of our trip?

    I've thought about just trying to bottle feed him on the trip, but the other issue is he won't take a bottle from me. He'll take it from others, but with mommy, no way. Any advice on getting him to do so?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: On vacation with distractible infant - what to do?

    I just took a trip with a very distractible 5.5 month old and it was really really hard!! We had a 9 hour drive and I would think he was hungry and try to feed in the car or in a bathroom stall -- and he wasn't having any of it. All I can say is that I think he made up for it by waking up more at night. I gave him more opportunities (hoping somewhere was the right situation) during the day than I would have at home and he had some little snacks along the way. I got pretty uncomfortably full -- and I thought about bottles, but it seemed like keeping them cool is hard in the car, and looking back I wish I had one but then I would have had to pump to let out all that milk he wasn;t eating, and that can be as much of a pain too! So I think it depends on the type of trip you are taking -- if you have a refrigerator handy, coolers for day trips, ability to pump while out and about etc. You might want to try getting him used to nursing with a blanket or a large shirt over his face or something that might keep him from looking around at the wide world. As for taking the bottle from you, the easiest one for me is before he goes down for his "night sleep" and I hold him in a position that is as comfy as nursing and as close to my own nipple as can be, albeit with a layer of clothes! Maybe if you start at the time he is most tired, he will take the bottle once from you, and then you can work on it from there. I think all the stimulation on vacation keeps him from being too hungry or distracts from the hunger and he will let you know when he is really good and ready to eat! He sounds big and healthy, so not too much can go wrong in just 2 weeks. Good luck!

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    Default Re: On vacation with distractible infant - what to do?

    DD (10 mos) is so distractable it is hard to get her to nurse during the day when we are AT HOME! My theory is that as long as you are offering there is no problem. DD nurses a bit more at night when we are away and really sucks the milk down before naps to make up for the lack of milk at other times. I wouldn't fret it.

    I don't know where you are with solids but DD just recently made a huge jump in her interest in solids, which has decreased her daytime nursing a little bit anyway.

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