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Thread: nervous second time mom

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    I am due to give birth in 9 weeks. My 1st dd, now 19 months old, was born with a cleft lip, and only nursed for 4 months, the last month and a half sparingly. I pumped from the time I was in the hopsital until her 1st b-day, the latter 8 months full time pumpng. I am nervous about nursing again. I never felt comfortable nursing in front of anyone, except my hubby and my mom. I used to go into bedrooms of houses we were visiting, or bthrooms of restaurants, mainly because I had to use different positions to help cover dd's cleft. I have purchased a sling from Dr. Sears, but I am still quite nervous. I want to be able not to have to leave, especially when I am at my own home and there are guests here! Any suggestions as to get the nerve up?
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    Congrats on the new little lady you are bringing into the world! I understand your fears of nursing in public, especially the difficulties that you faced with your first baby. (Way to go on that one by the way! It is great that she also recieved the best nutrition around, even if it was pumped milk!) Will the baby coming also have a cleft lip? If not, your nursing experience will be quite different.

    I suggest working with an LC immediately in the hospital, and then after you get home practice nursing in a mirror. Many women don't feel comfortable for the first few weeks nursing in front of others because generally we are not very discreet in the beginning , but with a little practice and time you should be able to nurse without anyone knowing, and it will become second nature to sit in a crowd and lift your shirt for your little nursling!

    Congrats again and good luck!

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    Practice in front of a mirror, it really helps to see how very little of you is exposed when baby is nursing, especially when they are little and calmer.

    I admit now that dd is older & she is popping off and checking things out I am a lot more out there. Although with this attention span issue we don't NIP as much anyway.

    Good Luck!
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    Hi! I commend you on your tremendous efforts with your first baby. I second the nursing in front of the mirror. Also, if you can attend local LLL meetings, you will have a wonderful opportunity to observe other moms nursing discretely. You can do it... it just takes a little practice!
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    Hi there! First of all congratulations on your new daughter and on pumping for so long with your first. I think that those of you who pump exclusively are to be commended. My son has stopped nursing and I've been pumping exclusively for a month (and am stopping this week) and think it's so much harder than just nursing. To have done it for eight months is just incredible!!!!! I admire your perseverance.

    I also think that going to LLL meetings is a great way to start with NIP. After you get comfortable there, I would also recommend starting out in less conspicous places with comfy seats such as a Panera, Borders or Barnes and Noble. That's how I started as people are in and out, it's not quiet, and people are really into what they're doing, not what you're doing. Oh - and go with a really good girlfriend so you have someone to talk to and who can help you out if you need it (especially if you bring your older daughter!)

    Good Luck and Congrats!

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