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Thread: hands free bras?? worth the $???

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    Although you can argue how safe this is, I was a medical resident working 70+ hours a week who had a hard time finding a relaxing place to pump so I started using a hands free bra driving to and from work. It worked great for me(I have dark tinted windows. I think it is definitely worth the money(although I'm sure you can make something similar if you want).

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    I used to Pump and Drive....I was always afraid of getting pulled over! I pumped for almost 9 months at work and never invested in the hands free bra. Looking back, that's the one thing that would have made pumping a little easier!!! If there is a next time, that's the first thing I'm buying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beru View Post
    To me, it's worth it. Because I hate having to undress in order to put on another bra to pump. Pumping is a big enough pain in the ass as it is without adding another 2 minutes to the experience. (And those 2 minutes add up for me to 40 minutes a week!) My goal this time was to make pumping as easy on myself as possible. This La Leche League bra is wonderful. I wear it as my regular bra all day long.

    It's not the best bra but I am an F cup and it is adequate. All the fabric makes the bra a little lumpy if I don't smooth it out manually. I always wear jackets or lab coats anyway, so it is not an issue for me if it looks wrinkly...


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    I use a pumping band instead of a pumping bra -- Made by Moms brand. I am back at work and find the band to be faster and can massage while pumping if needed/to speed the process.

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