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Thread: 8 Month Milestone

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    Default 8 Month Milestone

    Yippee!! Today we are celebrating our wonderful 8-month breastfeeding relationship.

    I'm so incredibly thankful to have had virtually no issues with breastfeeding my son, and while I don't post much, I do read a lot, and you ladies have provided so much knowledge and support.

    Thank you!

    Proud mommy to Michael Evan born May 11, 2007.

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    Default Re: 8 Month Milestone

    Hey Congrats Ashley!!!

    That is great that you are still going strong and you are still giving the best for your baby I hope to be there too in a few months

    Jeanne (my middle name IRL)

    Mommy to two girls (M & M), born Sept. '07 and Sept. '09

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    Good for you!!! That is awesome!!!

    Loving my Beautiful High Needs Baby Girl born 12/28/06

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