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Thread: making him eat more??

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    Default making him eat more??

    i am hoping someone has some tips... my 10 week old will easily eat a 5 - 6 oz bottle, but it seems when i am nursing him, he eats less. my goal is to get him to eat more so he sleeps better. currently, we'll give him his last bottle of the night around 7 - 8, and he will generally sleep until 1 - 2. i'll get up and nurse him, and he's generally up again by 4.

    when he nurses at the 2am feeding, he will eat for 5 - 15 minutes and doze off, wake up and want more, doze off... i have tried getting him up when he sleeps by changing him (works better than trying to play with him), and he'll eat for a few minutes and doze off again. it's hard because sometimes i doze off too!!

    i like to nurse him so would like to continue... i've seen a suggestion to give him a nuk after he dozes off the first time and just make him wait, so he is very hungry and eats properly (to train him to eat until he's full instead of snacking and dozing, i guess), but i feel like i could never let him go hungry like that!! any advice??

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    Default Re: making him eat more??

    I don't think you'd be letting your baby 'go hungry' at all. If your baby is truly hungry, he'll let you know it. If he's just got a desire to suck, he'll fall back asleep. You can always try the NUK and if it works, great.
    Babies will try to get the right amount of calories they need (so individual!), so if they're eating less at night, they'll be making up for it in the day. Just make sure he's still gaining.

    BUT, Be careful, cause at 10 weeks, you're still working out your supply, and in you're in for a growth spurt soon/now?

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