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Thread: Question about pumping

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    Default New to site seeking other moms question about pumping

    Hi, everyone I am a 2nd time mom but this is the first time I have breastfeed.
    I am so happy with my choice to breastfeed. Even though I have a limited support system. I read a lot about BF and became determined to make it work for me and my baby. It was rough the first couple of weeks b/c although baby had a good latch from day one he sucked so hard I had blisters. So I started pumping to give myself a chance to heal Lasinol cream was a godsend. I took tylenol for pain and with a lot of determination I hung in there. Thank goodness my little boy had no problem going from breast and bottle and back again. I have always been concerned about how much I pump. It is obvious baby gets enough when I nurse b/c he is now 6 1/2 months old and weighs 19 lbs 4oz. but when i pump i only get 6-12 oz a day with an average of 10 oz. a day. the problem is i only get to pump 2 times a day at work. I work 12 hour days. I have a rotating work schdule so my body never gets used to work. when I nurse on my days off it helps to build my milk. I've tried fenugreek and it works but I took it for a few weeks and quit cause I got sick of taking it\. I am considering trying again. I've been supplementing with formula since he was 5 months old. I just mix part formula and part breast milk baby is taking it okay but i feel a little guilty I wish i could pump enough so i wouldn't have to do that plus I worry that if i continue to supplement my milk will dry up. Also I used to pump at night and in the morning but I just get to exhausted i have to be at work at 6 am. And in the evening I still have an older child and a hubby to care for. so sorry this is so long. Any suggestions? Should i just keep soing what I'm doing or is ther another way I can pump enough in the 2 x a day. Also do you think the fact I have smaller breasts have anything to do with it?

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    I'm moving to pumping for more responses.

    Some thoughts...

    Make sure you're using a good pump. It should be made by Ameda, Avent, Medela, or Lansinoh. All the others are made by companies that also make formula, so they have a vested interest in breastfeeding failing for you. If you're already using one of these good pumps, get a rental pump for a month, just to boost your supply. Since you're working, you should be using a hospital-grade double pump. Single pumps just aren't powerful enough for what you need.

    You can pump at other times of day, too, not just while you're at work. Pump one side while baby nurses on the other. Or, pump after every feeding, to help increase your supply. You'll be able to save up for the days that you're at work.

    There are lots of things you can take to try to increase your supply - some things as basic as eating a bowl of real (not instant) oatmeal for breakfast, and drinking plenty of water, have worked for some mothers.
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    Shannon made some great suggestions. I'd like to second the one about water--it really works! Drink a big glass of water and focus on relaxing before you pump.

    Good luck!

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