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Thread: Babe "pops" my nipple

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    Default Babe "pops" my nipple

    Hi There!
    My baby is almost 6 weeks old, and has been breastfeeding beautifully. However, in the last two weeks she has been popping my nipple in her mouth starting halfway through the nurse. It feels like she is trying to bite, though she has no teeth yet. I've been trying techniques recommended for biting, but she has isn't really responding to them. I'm not sure why she is doing this, or how to get her to stop.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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    Default Re: Babe "pops" my nipple

    I'm not sure what you mean by "popping" your nipple. You say she is trying to bite -- does she clamp her gums together with your nipple between them? That is biting, teeth or no teeth!

    Sometimes very young babies do that when the milk flow is too fast for them. Do you have any signs of overactive letdown or oversupply?

    My son was a bit older -- perhaps 14 weeks -- when he started chomping on me. It turned out to be pre-teething.


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