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Thread: What amount is beneficial?

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    Hey girls! I am still expressing away and getting a few ounces a day. I know any bm is bettern than none for you LO but how much (or little) in my case is actually beneficial? My DS is 4.5 months old and gets about 2 oz a day of bm and the other 23-25 is formula. I am thinking of getting a prescrip to do more because so far this is as much as I am able to get with all this hard work...been at it for 2 months now. I guess I am wondering (and feeling a bit discouraged) if all this work is worth a few ounces a day?? Also, I have tried getting baby to latch on and he absolutely despises the breast and starts crying...even in his sleep!

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    There are 30,000 antibodies in each ounce of breast milk. I have heard from three different sources about a recent study that shows that babies get all the antibodies they need in only 4 ounces a day. (I don't know the study, yet, I am still working on getting my hands on this first hand info. I will pass it along when I have a reference.) So don't for a second think that those two ounces are not very beneficial.

    I have a friend who is pumping an additional 4 oz a day to give to a friend who is struggling with cancer to give him the antibodies during this stressful time.

    What kind of a prescription are you thinking of? I have been on domperidone and it really helped me. There is a online pharmacy that I have used to obtain it. My midwife gave me a prescription for the medication, but it costs $0.50 per pill at the compounding pharmacy. I found this website on the asklenore.com page (which has a lot of information about domperidone). You do not need a prescription to get domperidone from this company -- and it is legal if it is for you and less than a three months supply. I personally have responded well to this medication without side effects, but each person is different. Read the info and decide for yourself. I will paste the ordering information below:

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    email: planetorders@vanuatu.com.vu
    website: www.globaldrug.tv

    Charges under the company name of South Seas Pharmaceuticals
    PRICES: MOTILIUM (Domperidone)
    Motilium 10mg 100 tabs USD20
    Motilium 10mg 300 tabs USD40
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    Payment: Visa, Mastercard only
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    Ask for Mirium
    The Team at Planet Pharm

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    Default Re: What amount is beneficial?

    Thank you SO much!!!!!! I was getting discouraged and thinking it wasn't worth it anymore. I am going to check that info out!!! (((hugs)))

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    Default Re: What amount is beneficial?

    how often are you pumping?
    what kind of pump?

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    About every 3-4 hours..and I am actually hand expressing which seems to give me the most the fastest!

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