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Thread: What are my chances?

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    Default What are my chances?

    I stopped bfing my 6-week old son 3 weeks ago as I was told that medication I take is not okay. Now I am reading that maybe it is. I would like to relactate and bf again - I can still get drops when I squeeze my breasts and I still feel a "tingle" when I feed him his bottle.

    What are my chances that I can get my milk supply back? What are my chances that my son will take to bfing again? Thanks to anyone who can help me with this decision.

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    Default Re: What are my chances?

    If it's been 3 weeks, and you're still getting any milk on expression, it is definitely worth a shot.

    Here is some info on relactation, induced lactation from LLLI.org:


    And here's KellyMom's info area on it (non-LLL link)

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