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Thread: Those who had an oversupply early on

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    Default Those who had an oversupply early on

    My LO is turning a year (can't believe it) in a few weeks, and although I noticed she has cut back on the amount of milk she consumes per feeding (shorter sessions), we are still bf'ding about 6-8 times per day (this is how it's always been). She eats about 2 meals of solids during the day. I'd like to wean down to maybe 2-3 feedings per day (just evening and mornings), due to my work situation. (She's never taken an ebm either, but that's a different story...)

    For those with an oversupply early on or those who always had a lot of milk, did you have a lot of pain when you weaned? Any suggestions on how to gradually wean? I'm so afraid of the engorgement pain and pain from clogs.

    FYI: My oversupply finally got better after about 4 months, and significantly better after about 6 months. I still find myself full if my LO doesn't eat after about 4 hours, and I don't pump at all! (Yes, I have very enthusiastic breasts).

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    Default Re: Those who had an oversupply early on

    I always had enough milk to nurse the neighborhood!!!

    For us, getting on a schedule nursing was what helped with that. We nurse upon waking in the AM, after 1st nap, after 2nd nap, and before bed. DD has 3 meals a day and sometimes sippy cup / snack after the 2 mid-day feeds.

    This got my supply more organized (so to speak). For a while I still felt huge around the 3.5 hour mark (we nurse roughly every 4). My DD started skipping feedings here and there at 9 months, which made my supply really drop off even though I would pump.

    She goes through phases where she nurses liek crazy and then wants nothing to do with me, shunning me 3 out of the 4 nurses some days. Other days she nurses all 4 times. I still have milk, even though we went almost a week with no right boob nursing...now it's back!!!

    I guess my advice is that time will tell and you may find that your body will adjust if you help it a little by wtaching the clock.

    Good luck!!!!

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