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Thread: Info on excluusive bf past 6mo?

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    Default Info on excluusive bf past 6mo?

    I was trying to find some articles to support that it is totally safe to exclusively bf past 6mo. I bf my first daughter for 9.5mo and am on my way to doing the same (maybe longer, who knows ) with my little one (now 6mo). I haven't been able to find much info supporting this.

    Ya'll got anything?

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    Default Re: Info on excluusive bf past 6mo?

    All I have is anecdotal stuff... there were a few moms on this forums months ago that did EBF for the first year- due to some retty severe allergies... but it can be done and is encouraged in certain situations. sorry I haven't any linkable stuff for ya.
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    Default Re: Info on excluusive bf past 6mo?

    My pediatrician told me that breastmilk is adequate nutrition for the first year, and until that point, solids are only for experimentation with new tastes and textures and new motor skills. I don't have an article to back that up, but if you want some anecdotal evidence, my DD was almost exclusively breastfed up through 14-15 months, when she all of a sudden got interested in solids. She's always been healthy as a horse and in the 95-100th percentile for height and 75th for weight.

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