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Thread: Any experience with night coughing?

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    Default Any experience with night coughing?

    My DS is 5 months old. Xmas eve I had a sore throat and he was breathing *snot* in and out of his nostils. Xmas day and on we were both fine. Just noticed in the last few days he's had a really deep cough which only occurs throughout the night. Sometime it wakes him up, but most times doesn't. He has no other symptoms, no fever, no rashes, no mucus (beyond the regular saliva... we think he is teething), and shows no discomfort.

    DH is urging me to take him to the doctors (just because it's been going on for 4 days or so). My gut feeling thinks he's okay... but I'll probably see the doctor tomorrow anyway... We've elevated the crib mattress slightly 2 nights ago, and it seemed to help.

    He has been waking up every 1.5-2 hours at night again to feed in the past 3 days... I'm exhausted and feel like he's challenging my supply. Any opinons on whether it's a growth spurt, croup (?), or just a change in his routine?

    Did I mention that he just went from napping 4 times a day to just 1 (and a half if he ever lets himself go!) during daytimes? :eek

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    Default Re: Any experience with night coughing?

    How are things going now?

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