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Thread: Comfort sucking of any nutritional value?

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    Question Comfort sucking of any nutritional value?

    my 5 week old seems to do a lot of comfort sucking on my breast. After a short while of true feeding (when i can feel the suck and hear the swallow), she goes off into this comfort sucking mode (when there are sucks but i don't hear any swallowing). is there any nutritional value to this at all? i.e. is she taking in any milk at all during her comfort sucking? i am not particularly concerned about her short feeds because she seems to be doing well otherwise - putting on weight, producing dirty and wet diapers, and generally behaving healthy and happy.

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    My dd does the exact same thing and now being 4mnths and starting to teeth my booies r starting to feel a lil tender so i have found this works for me... once she stops sucking up to the count of 10 i pop her of and sit her up to burp her if she wants more she will grizzle so i swap sides if she doesnt she goes like a floppy doll and stays asleep sitting up so i know it is safe to move and put her down . We may swap sides a few times but at least i know she is full good luck

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    I read somewhere that babies do take in a little bit of milk when they stay on the breast a long time. It's also GREAT for your milk supply for her to be on the breast that much.

    It seems like forever now, I bet, but really, she won't always do this and you'll kind of miss it. Congrats on your DD!

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