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    Anyone have trouble with LO eating apples? My LO is 7 months and has recently eaten apples. She has a terrible red rash on her bum. I'm wondering if apples are too acidic for her at this point.

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    Hey there! I read your post and it sort of sounds like mine, except I gave my daughter homemade/organic apples AND green beans (oops) and she developed an eczema-type rash on her face (but bottom) and apples are acidic. My post is "5 months old and red rash on face" and it's on the first page and might be bumped to the second pretty soon, but the advice that some moms wrote on mine helped me and might help you as well. It sounds like babies can develop a rash but not have a food allergy (thank goodness!). Check out my post for help. Good luck to your little one!

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    We didn't have this problem with apples, but we did with sweet potatoes. You might check out the allergy forum on here. Those mom's have a lot of good advice. HTH!

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