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Thread: Misreading feeding cues?

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    Question Misreading feeding cues?

    My dd is 4 months old and still nursing every 2-3 hours. I am not sure if it is because she needs/wants to nurse that much, or because I am misreading her cues and offering to nurse. I don’t mind nursing frequently, I just wonder if I am frustrating her by misreading her ques. (She is a very happy baby - lots of smiles and giggles.) Would she still BF if that was not what she was “asking” for? Am I doing any damage by nursing that frequently?

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    Default Re: Misreading feeding cues?

    Don't worry! Even if you did miss read her ques, if she doesn't want the breast she won't take it! Every two to three hours sounds about right and I know it's very hard to believe she would EVER not take the breast, but breastfed babies do not over eat, they self regulate and by 4 months if it's not what she wants or needs she will turn her head or just not open her mouth.

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