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Thread: Help please?

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    Question Help please?

    I am new to the forum and have joined for a very specific reason. DD is now 12 months and I want to drop the breastfeeding. Although I love it still I work full time and am finding I am ready for this step! she will not take any breastmilk from anywhere else bottles, or cups. I need now to be able to leave her at night without her screaming the place down!

    I currently feed her at 6.30pm before bed, at 10.30 when we go to bed and at 7am. She has 3 good meals a day and drinks water or juice from a cup during the day. She will drink a little cows milk but will not touch any formula.

    I tried to cut out the late night feed recently but she got very poorly with the sickness bug that was going round and ended up in hospital. When she started feeding again she was waking for the late night feed and i felt she needed it to build her weight and strength up. I have tried to cut it out again but she is still waking.

    Could I please ask you all to help me as I am ready to take this step but don't know where to start?

    I didn't have this problem with ds as once he tasted formula when I went back to work he was hooked!

    Any Suggestions?

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    There are few problems with the function of this forum right now or you would be getting more feedback I'm sure.
    First of all congrats on making it so far! Breast milk is really good for babies.

    When attempting weaning it can be done over a period of time with gradual changes and substitutions. It seems as if you are mostly hanging on to the comfort nursing sessions at this point and I can see why your baby would object to dropping them. Dr Jay Gordon has some useful compassionate weaning ideas. I don't have the link handy, but if you scroll down on the LLL forum to the weaning forum you may find more useful information there!

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    Here's the link to Dr. Gordon's site.


    GL and let us know if you need anything.

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    You might want to post in the weaning forum for more input??

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    Have moved the post thanks! Doh!

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