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Thread: How much blood is too much blood?

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    Default How much blood is too much blood?

    I have a cracked nipple. I can't breastfeed right now (we're working on latching on) so I'm pumping every 2 hours to feed her. When I pump from the nipple that's cracked, I feel like I get a lot of blood in with it. I know that some blood is okay, but how much is too much? The last time I pumped I was pumping almost pure blood for almost half an ounce. I just threw it away once the milk let down, and even then the milk was fairly pink with blood and tiny (maybe 1/6 the size of your pinky nail) thin clots. Ever since this, she seems to be having much more gas, too, but she's also eating a lot more so it might be unrelated. I also try to dilute the bloody side with the non bloody side so it's less concentrated, but how much blood is too much in her breast milk?


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    Default Re: How much blood is too much blood?

    Well If you did have a good latch baby would get whatever was manifesting... so I am not sure how to really answer your concern... but I wonder - have you been to see someone about the problems you're having?
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    Default Re: How much blood is too much blood?

    This link talks about the blood causing no harm. http://www.mother-2-mother.com/mothe...stmilklooklike

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    I have no idea. I do have to say I feel awful knowing you have that much blood coming out becaue I'm guessing it's so painful. I had some cracking and soreness with no blood and that was so painful. That is awesome you are sticking it out till healed!!!!!

    Since I don't have an answer... I would recommend contacting a local LLL leader. Also, you could contact your local hospital and see if they have a lactation specialist on hand. My local hospital has one that will come visit you. Good luck!!!!

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