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Thread: I have stopped breastfeeding

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    Good for you! Sounds like you have a very good plan.

    You might want to check out these web pages:

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    I was able to get Ella to the breast after 6 weeks of not nursing, during that time I was pumping so I did maintain a supply - so I can't really help you there - but I can help with the refusal! I had flat nipples and one thing I did was wear shields to draw them out. I also watched the videos on correct latching on Dr. Newman's breastfeeding website http://www.breastfeedingonline.com/newman.shtml Next - I attempted to nurse her when she was full and sleepy - we just laid in bed together and I would gently pop my nipple in her mouth to comfort suck. The first time that worked, I was overjoyed! Next, after we comfort sucked for about a week - I decided to go for it. I used a Nipple Shield (warning, the use of these is controversal, but it saved our bf relationship!) - I used it so it would mimick the feel of the bottle nipple in her mouth - I gave her a few sips of the bottle of EBM to satisfy her instant hunger - then I switched to my nipple and she took it!!! It took about another week for us to wean off the nipple shields and we are still going strong.

    Other things I did:

    -More Milk Plus herbs to boost my supply
    -Bathed with her 2X a day
    -Paced bottle feeding
    -LOTS and LOTS of skin to skin contact
    -Didn't give up!!

    After she switched over - she nursed LITERALLY round the clock! We just sat in a recliner, watched Oprah and nursed, nursed, nursed. It was the best thing we ever did - Its worth it now, all that hard, hard work is totally worth it!

    You can do it - Don't give up!!! I am cheering you on!!!!!
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    How Are Things Going?

    Praying For Good News!!!:d

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