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Thread: sleeping, block feeding, pumping

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    Default sleeping, block feeding, pumping

    On Monday or Tuesday, I was told that I was probably producing too much milk and to start block feeding in four hour time intervals and stop pumping for the time being. I had been pumping close to daily so that my husband could give a bottle close to once a day. I think that the oversupply issue has lessened (considerably even). Last night, my husband gave two bottles because I had been all night from Meagan having gas problems. My questions are:

    -Is it okay to pump a whole feeding if my breasts are not involved in a feeding? Should this pump occur before or after I start feeding her and on the breast or the other breast that I'm feeding her on?

    -When do I know to stop block feeding? Will block feeding suffice or is it necessary to get to 15-20 min on one side and 5-10 on the other?

    -Meagan is 5 weeks old. Do I no longer need to worry about her sleeping more than 5 hours even if she has more than one 5 hour stretch?

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    Default Re: sleeping, block feeding, pumping

    Hi there. First off, here are some FAQ links for you to look at as you may want to determine if you actually are making too much milk:

    And this (NON-LLL endorsed) link has some very useful information on evaluating milk supply, etc http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fa...own.html#links

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    Default Re: sleeping, block feeding, pumping

    When I was wanting my husband to feed my DS once a day, I pumped every morning while my son was still sleeping. So my pumpings are never connected to a feeding. Unless right after I pump my son wakes up and wants to eat. In fact sometimes if I felt full and he did wake up, I'd leave him in bed with DH, go pump and then come back and feed. Operating on the thought that if my breast are full and he empties them I'll have to pump for twenty minutes to get like 3oz. Whereas if they're full and I pump I can usually get 4 to 5 oz in less than 10 min. and feel pretty condfident that my son will still be able to extract what he needs!
    I have block fed my son for most of his life. I could never see a reason to wake a newborn and was pretty sure if he wasn't satisfied, he wouldn't fall alseep. Just recently (between 5 & 6 months) I've started feeding him more frequently on both breasts. One becasue I'm more concerned about him staying hydrated and 2 he weighs 20lbs already so anytime he stays on the same side for more than 15 or 20 mins. I start thinking he doesn't need that much hindmilk. I don't know how old your baby is but I wasn't to concerned about his weight until recentlly. I've seen the difference in the amount of hindmilk in the bottles I pump completely off of one side veresus the bottles I pump two oz off of each side and the difference is signifigant!

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