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    Congratulations and good luck!

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    I'm not sure my replies are posting...can someone tell me if they are? Cuz I can't see them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by piratetink824 View Post
    You guys almost made me cry!!! Thanks to your research (which I printed out and went armed with it to the NICU) I am now allowed to breastfeed. They fed him my pumped milk today and tomorrow I start being able to feed him at the breast 2x a day if he is up to it (he still has a feeding tube).

    Hayden was a month old yesterday. He's now up to 5 lbs and 1.6 oz and is probably headed home within the next 2 weeks. He's been doing so well and breast milk was the last thing I wanted for him that he had yet to get! Thank you all so much!!!!!!!!

    Yee Ha! Way to go! That's terrific! When given the go-ahead to breastfeed, the best way seems to begin by "kangarooing" -- get skin to skin and let him lead the way. Often a baby first just wants to melt into mom. When ready he'll seek the breast -- rolling, pecking or lurching his way to one breast or the other. He really can and will find your breast and latch on his own with just a bit of support from you. So much has been out of his (and your) control, how nice if he can set the pace with this...

    Ameda.com has a great 5-minute video on this baby-led latching. If you do a web search for "baby-led latching" or "baby-led attachment at breast," you'll come up with some good resources. Get back if you don't have time and need some links...

    All the best. It's so exciting that those caring for your baby were open and willing to change when provided with some refs! Keep us posted!

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    I robbed your links to baby led and posted them here Karen: http://llleus.org/forums/showthread.php?t=173

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