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    So this isn't a weaning breastfeeding question, it's a weaning pacifier question. My son is 5 months old and I'm afraid that he's addicted to his passy when he sleeps. He doesn't want it throughout the day, just while he's sleeping. This is great, except for when he's trying to go to sleep, and it falls out of his mouth. He'll start screaming until I put it back in. It only happens right before he falls asleep, once he's asleep he won't wake up b/c of the passy falling out. I realize that now is the time to wean him b/c when he gets older it's going to get MUCH harder. What are your thoughts on the matter? What did you guys do?

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    Red face Re: Weaning Pacifiers

    We are not worried about weaning off the paci (trying not to sweat the small stuff) so I guess I can't help you there except to say that it will get better...

    We had THE SAME EXACT problem...at 11 pm sharp every night we had to run in to the nursery and put the paci back in...we kept an extra one in there on the changing table in case we couldn't find the one she went to bed with in the crib quick enough...and eventually she started staying asleep when the paci fell out. Took about a month or so.

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