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Thread: 15 month old - few solids

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    New here...don't know where to go for answers. I have three girls (5, 4, and 15 mos). The first two were champion eaters. In fact, my second never had a jar of food and fed herself almost exclusively at 8 mos (I was busy with her sister, I guess )

    Also, both older girls weaned themselves at a year.

    Now I have 15 mos old who barely eats any solids...some yogurt and random acts of carbohydrates, but most things she waves away with her hands or simply picks up and drops on the floor. Obviously, she did not self-wean at a year and still wakes up every few hours at night to nurse (two older girls slept through the night by about five months and ten months).

    I am wondering if there are any others who have had this experience and how you handled it. Will she spontaneously start to eat solids one day? Should I be worried? She's such a little peanut - just over seventeen pounds.

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    LLL puts out a book called "My child won't eat" Mybe you will find some answers in there?? Good luck and keep up the breastfeeding!

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    I have a very similar situation as my 2nd LO is tiny (14 months and also 17 lbs) and she also does not eat much if anything at all.
    I read the book the pp mentioned and it is great - I wish I had read it 6 months ago. It just put things into perspective for me. That doesn't mean that I still don't have days that I want to bang my head against the wall but at least I know my job as her mom is to offer healthy foods and her job is to eat what and how much she wants. Good luck and let us know if you find out any tricks.

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