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    my baby does not burp much after eating, is this bad? It doesnt seem to bother him bhut its bothering me......can i burp him during the feeding

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    Some babies aren't burpy. Some babies burp a 1/2 hour later. If your baby is happy and comfy then don't worry about it.

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    How old is your LO? My LO didn't burp very much in the beginning and I thought it was weird. I bottle fed my first 2 kids and they HAD to burp but it wasn't very hard. My LO is now 10 weeks and started burping about a month ago it takes a few minutes sometimes and a few positions. If she doesn't burp she spits up. But I wouldn't worry too much about it if they need to it will happen on its own, I would continue to try each feeding or if he is fussy. Yeah you can burp during a feeding if they act uncomfortable...so I hear, never tried it though.

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    My son is 5 days old and rarely burps. I asked the pediatrician this morning...she said not to worry. Apparently not all babies are burpies!

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    None of my 3 BF babies burped. I think they just get less air in their little tummies. They didn't spit up either, which is nice
    I agree w/ PP as long as they seem happy don't worry about it

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    My son hardly ever burps. I thought it was so wierd because my dd burped all the time. But, she was bottle fed...probably makes a little difference. Anyhow, if your baby doesn't seem to need it...I wouldn't worry.
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