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Thread: carbonated drinks causing gas?

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    Default carbonated drinks causing gas?

    Hi Mamas,

    I am EBFing my almost 5 month old dd, she is a gasbag!!!

    To quench my unending thirst I have been drinking a lot of selzer water, could the carbonation be causing gas in my dd?

    She is constantly grunting, arching and is just generally uncomfortable. She's always been kind of gassy but she seems worse now.

    As always, any advice appreciated!


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    Default Re: carbonated drinks causing gas?

    There is another string about the gas problem, too - see "Whoa gassy!" I have very similar problems with my son.

    I don't think the carbonated drink is causing the issue, because the carbonation just passes through you as gas and doesn't get absorbed into the body. Foods that are unfortunately really good for you are what are supposed to cause gas like broccoli and cauliflower and some other veggies. I have also heard pop corn can cause gas. And definitely cabbage. I don't know how long it takes for the food to get into the breastmilk, though, was waiting to hear at the "Whoa Gassy" string.

    I have heard fennel is supposed to help, but it did not work for me. I have also been told that chamomile tea - 1-2 ounces made from one tea bag per 5-6 ounces of breastmilk is supposed to work. I don't know because my son refused to drink any breast milk with tea in it. But make sure the tea only has chamomile in it. Look at the ingrediants.

    The chamomile tea was from a physician who said it worked for their daughter.
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    Default Re: carbonated drinks causing gas?

    Here's some info on this topic:
    "Can drinking carbonated sodas cause gas in baby? No. For something to pass into your milk, it must first pass into your bloodstream. It's the carbonation in sodas, etc. that can cause gas in mom. The bubbles in a carbonated drink cannot pass into your milk and affect baby. If this could happen, you'd have carbonated blood and carbonated milk!"

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