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Thread: stinky, green, mucusy poops

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    Hi, my little girl is 13 wks old and was having normal seedy stools and a great weight gain but the last 3 weeks here bm have been greeny, stinky, mucusy and w/o the seedy look in them. Her weight gain has dropped from 8-10 ounces a week to 4 or 5 if that. I'm getting worried since the same thing happened with my son until he refused to breastfeed at all around 4 months. Any insight on what the problem could be? I would appreciate any advice.

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    Those kinds of poops are a classic sign that your baby may not be getting enough hindmilk. Hindmilk is the richer, fattier milk towards the end of the feeding. From The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding:
    "While it's a good idea to offer the baby both breasts at each feeding, switching sides to osoon may prevent baby from getting the high-far hindmilk he needs. The fat content of the milk in the breast increases as the baby nurses. If you switch him to the other breast too soon, he will not get the milk with the higher fat content that helps him grow and leaves his tummy satisfied."

    Are you already letting your baby feed on demand, including letting her stay on one side as long as she likes? (No switching sides every ten minutes or anything like that -- this is outdated advice). Try keeping your baby on one breast at a feeding, through multiple let-downs and let her come off by herself. If she is already coming off by herself during a feed in a fairly short period of time (my DS was very squirmy and started popping on and off a lot after 12 weeks), try offering her the same breast again before switching sides. Also, try breast compressions during feeds.
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    Normal breastfed poop, even greenish poop from an overabundant intake of foremilk, is not "stinky". If his poop truly smells foul, the most likely culprit is some type of infection.

    How frequent are the poops? Are they consistantly green and frothy with mucous? About how often does she nurse in 24 hours?

    This non-LLL link has some valuable info:

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    I was wondering about diarrhea too. I know foremilk poos are green and frithy but the odor thing had me wondering. most intestinal disorders are out of the system after a couple days, but some linger for a couple weeks(not as often though) anyway, just nurse nurse nurse! I hope baby is doing better!

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