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Thread: I am terribly sick and almost sure I need meds

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    Unhappy I am terribly sick and almost sure I need meds

    I am very conservative when it comes to medication, in general. With BF, you can only imagine.....
    Usually only adhere to homeopathic remedies if I can swing it, but my reg. sinus stuff isn't even coming close to touching this thing.

    However, in light of this ugly virus/sinus/stomach thing that has held our family hostage since the holidays started; I believe I may need something else far stronger.

    I have been the only one in the fam to avoid this thus far; alas it has found me-and Good, too.

    My throat is sore and swollen, sinus are killing me, stomach pains, aches and sometimes chills and of course, the ever present frequent bathroom trips.

    Ironically, my little man has been on Amoxil for almost 5 days now for an ear infection (seperately, he has had his own bout with this virus).

    Anyone know what I can take safely while bf'ing? By Class of Drug A, B, C?

    Most Drs look at me like I am a lunatic, when I say that I exclusively bf and do not want to supplement with formula ("Why? What's wrong with formula?")

    With Love, Becca

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    Default Re: I am terribly sick and almost sure I need meds

    to you. I hope you feel better soon.

    As far as what's ok to take, you can always ask your doctor, but I know sometimes they don't really know much about the breastfeeding thing. I usually go to Dr. Thomas Hale's site and/or to Kellymom to check medications. Here are their website addresses:

    Dr. Hale http://neonatal.ama.ttuhsc.edu/cgi-b...s&access=guest

    Kellymom www.kellymom.com

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: I am terribly sick and almost sure I need meds

    i don't know what is safe either- that is too bad about your dr. most dr's should have a book that lists all of the meds and which are safe for nursing and which are not. my WONDERFUL dr would always pull out her giant book if i ever needed anything and read to me about the drug and if there have been any studies with nursing moms on it... so maybe you could find a dr who would be willing to learn a little!

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    Default Re: I am terribly sick and almost sure I need meds

    Visit the site that Tomas'mama provided you with.... I did and got info on some medicines.... I am in the same boat as you thinking in going Dr. fishing its kind of stressing for me cause out of 10 I've visit non are BF friendly so I konow I am wasting my time looking at least near by.... I get most of the info by my own research or by LLL .... Again visit the site cause its good... other moms have already ask about some meds so homework its done

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