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    I seem to be FULL of questions since I have found this board.....so I apologize. I feel foolish asking so many questions. BUT...........I am gonna anyhowLOL
    My newest question is this: When I BF my oldest son Noah I would BF him until he stopped nursing and took himself off the breast. That only took, I dont know, maybe 20 minutes or so.
    Now with Wyatt, we will BF for about 15 minutes, sometimes more like 20 or 30, but he has NEVER taken himself off the breast. I feel bad taking him off, but he usually falls asleep is really not "eating" but rather lightly sucking or what I call Fiddling with my nipple. I wonder if this is causing my sore nipples? That is besides the point of the question......do other moms have to take their LO's off the breast like this? Or should I continue to let him stay on the breast for longer, even if it SEEMS like he really isnt eating? I say SEEMS, because what do I know.....he could be getting bits here and there. And he is almost 8 weeks old, and nurses every 1-1/2 to 2 hours. I would LIKE to see this be closer to 2-1/2 to 3 hours. Would allowing him to stay on the breast help this some?
    Any advice or tips, or just thoughts.....????

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    Sounds like your LO is comfort nursing. Mine does that all the time. If I can I let her stay that way...but if its the middle of the night and I want to go back to bed, I gently break the suction with my finger. She'll either search like crazy till she recaptures my nipple or she'll turn her head and be asleep. I don't think comfort sucking causes sore nipples unless the latch is incorrect.
    Oh, and you can never ask too many questions!
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    The only time I take my little one (three weeks old) off is if he's gotten lazy and slipped down onto my nipple. That usually results in a fit of crying because he still wants to nurse but was half asleep. My husband hears a lot of "you can have as much as you want. You just have to do it right." and is jokingly jealous at the moment. :-)

    Comfort nursing, which is what sounds like he's doing, is actually good for a couple reasons. For one, it helps build your supply. For another, it's soothing for baby and helps him sooth and comfort themselves.

    The soreness probably has nothing to do with comfort nursing and more to do with his latch. If he's getting sleepy at the end of a session, his latch may be slipping and causing soreness. In that case, you do want to break his latch and either put him down or relatch if he's still interested.

    ~~ Meri

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