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Thread: Fresh orange juice for 8-month baby?

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    Default Fresh orange juice for 8-month baby?

    Is it ok to squeeze out some juice from orange for my 8-month baby? Will it help to get over the cold he is having? Seems like he has mucus in his throat, so that he is lazy to drink his milk or eat his food. Orange juice would help clear it, right?

    Ahhh, I am so worry when my child doesn't eat or drink.


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    Default Re: Fresh orange juice for 8-month baby?

    If I recall correctly - the recommendation is to wait until after LO is one to introduce citrus fruits such as orange.
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    Default Re: Fresh orange juice for 8-month baby?

    No citrus before 1 year is about everyone's recommendation. I would advise against it strongly. Lots of kids are very sensitive to it.

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    Default Re: Fresh orange juice for 8-month baby?

    oranges are too acididc and can cause rash in babies botom....plus thay can be allergenic and cause diahrrea....so I would not give it to your baby....breastmilk is enough.
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