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Thread: Period back :(

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    Default Period back :(

    I've been nursing my son for over 2years now (he turned 2 in Nov.), and I think i may have gotten my first period back this morning. I have been taking the minipill, and according to the pack this would be the end of my period not the beginning ( I start a new pack tomorrow). Does anyone know, is this just maybe because it is my first period back so maybe it is not a normal one ( also it is very light so far)... i didn't know if it matters that i'm on the minipill or not.

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    If I remember correctly, the mini pill is the same pill all month long right? You don't have 3 weeks of hormone pills and then a week of placebos, right? If that's the case, then you can actually get your period any time during the pack because your body can't differentiate between the pills taken each week...they're all the same. I nursed my daughter for 16 months (exclusively until we started solids around 7 mos) and got my period back when she was about 10 months, so it's totally normal for you to be getting it back by now. I think you will just have to keep track on your own now....or can you move the days around on your pack of pills to get yourself on a schedule?

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    This happened to me, too, when I was on the pill. When I got my period back it, it kept coming back at a time other than what it was supposed to according to the pill pack. I tried to fix it myself but it got all jumbled.
    You might want to think about calling your midwife/HCP to see what they say.

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