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Thread: pulling off and fussing?

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    Default pulling off and fussing?

    hi my ds is 13 weeks old and for the past two days has less intrest in eating. he latches on then pull of after only a few mins. He sometimes cries..wines, or smiles or looks around. Any ideas? he is a gassy baby and i do burb him but he just not eating the same at all. could i have a drop in supply or something? how would i know? tia

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    My son did the exact same thing when he was about 7 weeks old. He normally ate for 10-15 minutes per feeding, but got to the point where he would start fussing and pull off after about 5-8. After doing some reading up, I read that some babies become much more efficient at removing the milk by about 6 weeks and take less time to nurse. So maybe your LO is trying to tell you "I'm done for now" especially if your LO is playing and laughing (mine does that, too...so I take that as a sign, he's finished and has eaten all he needs to.)

    Here's what I read about babies pulling off and fussing. Maybe it'll help you determine what your LO is telling you.

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    Default Re: pulling off and fussing?

    I agree with the previous post; your baby may just not be hungry.

    Also, around 4 months old, babies start getting a lot more "distractable," meaning that they are so interested in the world around them that they have trouble concentrating on breastfeeding for extended periods of time. I would suggest trying to nurse in a quiet, dark room and see if that helps.

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