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Thread: Does she need more milk?

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    Default Does she need more milk?


    I have been exclusively breastfeeding my now 11 month old since she was born. She is healthy and happy, at over 21 or so pounds, her growth has been steady at 50% for weight and now 75% for height.

    I returned to work when she was 4 months old and now work 4 days a week. I pump at work about 3-4 times, depending on my hours, usually at least every 3 hours in addition to when I get there and before I leave for home.

    Her milk intake really dropped when she started solids. She is eating at least 3 meals a day , eating well with some yogurt and cottage cheese and chicken in addition to the usual cereals and lost of fruits and vegetables.

    I think she is now getting maybe 15 ounces of milk a day. It is hard to quantify since I still feed her once overnight and that and the first milk of the day are high volume. So, I can guess that she is getting at least between 12 to 18 ounces of milk a day.

    I am worried that that is not enough. When I pump at work, I now get tiny amounts of milk. I have maybe less than 8 ounces after my 3 pumpings for my day (I work short hours and am out of the house from 9 am to 5 pm).

    Should I start offering some supplements of formula? I don't know if I should just not worry about it and start giving her milk as scheduled next month or if I should start with something else sooner?

    I am pumping 1 extra time in the evenings to make sure there is enough milk for the bottles the next day. When I am with her all day and only nursing, she seems happy enough, but I worry that she needs more milk.

    Actually, that is not true. I have noticed that she demands to be fed earlier than she used to. She can only wait 1 hour after waking before having solids. Sometimes, she whines so much I nurse her twice in the morning, but I still wind up giving her solids within 1 hour, where as she used to be able to wait for 1 1/2 - 2 hours before eating her breakfast or post nap meal.

    Is there any guideline out there about how much breastmilk a 11 month old needs?



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    Default Re: Does she need more milk?

    Is she having plenty of wet diapers? Is she still gaining and growing?

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    Default Re: Does she need more milk?

    As long as she's happy and she's gaining and growing and she has plenty of wet/poopy diapers throughout the day it sounds like she's getting enough. Does she look or act hungry when you're with her all day? Is she getting other liquids?
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    from that link
    There is no need for additional milk or (or the equivalent nutrients from other foods) as long as your baby is nursing 3-4 times per day. Cow's milk is really just a convenient source of calcium, protein, fats, vitamin D, etc. - it's not required. There are many people in many parts of the world who do not drink milk and still manage to get all the calcium, protein, fats, vitamin D, etc. that they need.

    I would say if she is getting 16 oz of mommies milk during the day thats plenty plus what she's getting strait from the tap.

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