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Thread: No poop and foul gas after 1st solids

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    Default No poop and foul gas after 1st solids

    My ped suggested we start my 5 month old on solids so we introduced rice cereal. It went over okay. She didn't seem to love or hate it. We fed her bm and cereal 3 times over two days. Since then she has only had one bowel movement in the past 5 days ( she used to have them daily) and she has had extremely foul smelling gas. We stopped the cereal thinking there might be some correlation. She has also begun waking up about every two hours during the night to nurse when she used to only wake 1 - 2 times. Does anyone have any insight to what may be going on. Is it a digestion problem? Maybe she wasn't ready for solids? The nurse at my ped said not to be concerned unless she goes more than 6 days without a bowel movement and that the cereal has nothing to do with it. My lo is exclusively breastfed other than the rice cereal. Any advice?

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    Default Re: No poop and foul gas after 1st solids

    We didn't start our son on solids till he had all the signs of readiness:
    - able to sit up on his own
    - pincer grasp
    - no more tongue thrust reflex.

    Then we started on rice cereal, but he constipated badly. Later, we learned that giving him water helped ease his troubles. But we also learned about baby-led solids, and began to introduce other foods instead of cereal, which we later realised hadn't much in terms of nutritional value.

    Here are some useful sites if you want more infor:
    Starting solids

    Baby-led solids

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    Default Re: No poop and foul gas after 1st solids

    PP about summed it up. But yes rice cereal can be binding and could constipate the baby. You might want to try something else as a first food.

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