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Early this week, LO has bitten deep and I think I have a clogged duct on top of that. I am in a LOT of pain. I called my dr. this morning and he prescribed Keflex without seeing me. Office is closed, he said to go on Monday. Anyway, he said the antibiodic would pass onto LO, but it shouldn't be a bad thing....
Have you started the medication? If so, remember that it's important to take the entire course.

"Summary of Use during Lactation:
Cephalexin is acceptable to use during breastfeeding. Limited information indicates that maternal doses of cephalexin up to 1 gram produce low levels in milk that are not expected to cause adverse effects in breastfed infants. Occasionally, disruption of the infant's gastrointestinal flora, resulting in diarrhea or thrush, have been reported with cephalosporins, but these effects have not been adequately evaluated."

http://toxnet.nlm.nih.gov/cgi-bin/sis/htmlgen?LACT (search term=keflex)

I would urge you to consider probiotic supplements for both you and your baby. Some info:

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Did it make it quit hurting?
You're most likely in pain from the injury itself (especially if you didn't note any outward signs of infection like pus, swelling, or redness).

I would urge you to try moist wound healing. Lansinoh is a very popular ointment that many lactation professionals recommend. Moist wound healing not only means that the sore is less likely to dry out and re-open repeatedly, it also protects the area and makes it less painful.

Here's some helpful info:

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The bite is like, half a tooth deep. And he bit again today! I am trying to nurse him in the dark bedroom laying down so he won't be so distracted, and he was fine until CHOMP!
Check out these resources:

Feel better soon!