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Thread: Will night weaning help solid intake?

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    Default Will night weaning help solid intake?

    DS is a marathon night nurser and as much as I love it (because I miss him so much during the day while I'm at work) I'm really starting to wear down. This week has been rough and last night DH said he thinks the night nursing should stop. We co-sleep and DH is still on board after a year but he's concerned that the night nursing isn't allowing DS to fall into a deeper sleep. We're also worried because DS isn't consuming solids at home the way he is at daycare. Our ped wants us to put more emphasis on solids and less on milk. DS was 50th percentile at birth and now only 5th at 12 months. He's MSPI and I've been on an elimination diet for 10 months. I think the doctor suspects my milk isn't giving him enough fat although she hasn't come right out and said it. Have any of you veterans seen a significant increase in solid intake when night weaning was finally achieved? TIA!

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    Default Re: Will night weaning help solid intake?

    What I have noticed is increased night nursing during teething, 1 year is prime time for bicuspids or molars.

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    Default Re: Will night weaning help solid intake?

    Uping DS's food intake during the day before attempting night weaning helped us make the transition much smoother.
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    Default Re: Will night weaning help solid intake?

    How much IS he eating at daycare? The disintrest he is showing at home may be because he's getting his fill at DC OR he's excited to be at home...

    The growth of breastfed babies slows down after they're 6mo. Docs often link that slowdown to a lack of "needed" foods but it's not due to that it's too bad they don't know that - - it's just the typical growth pattern of BF babes. And keep in mind the doc is probably using the average growth chart that was created using formula fed babies... in the previous link I gave it talks more about that.

    Whats his recent weight pattern been?

    He may be nursing more at night because you're gone durning the day - it's often refered to as reverse cycling.
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    Default Re: Will night weaning help solid intake?

    DS weight gain pattern was awesome for the first two months. He doubled his birth weight within the first 12 weeks. Unfortunately, as that happened, the MSPI showed up (bleeding) and then we slowed down to slightly under a pound a month and we've continued that way. He's 19lbs now and was 6.3 at birth so he met the triple milestone by the first year.

    To be honest, I thought he was eating a lot a day care but I'm a first time mom and often feel lost on what to feed so here's what he was getting.

    9am 5oz bottle
    11am 1/3 cup baby cereal mixed w/ half jar of puree fruit and 1oz BM. sippy with water offered as well.
    2pm 1 jar of veggies, the rest of the fruit and a 5oz bottle
    4:30pm 5oz bottle

    He would usually drink all of the 9am bottle, 2-3oz of the 2pm and 3-4oz of the 5pm.

    Now since the 12 month visit the doctor wants him offered the 9am bottle along with some food, a whole jar of fruit and 1/2 cup cereal at 11am, more solids at 2pm in place of the bottle, and some snack offered with the 4:30pm bottle. We usually eat dinner at home around 7pm and he gets bits of whatever we're having.

    One of the more experienced caregivers at the center and I had a discussion about his intake since he's transitioning to her class at the end of the month. She suggested I space the food 3 hours apart and wait for him to get hungry. I guess with nursing we've always done it every 2.5 -3 hours so I figured he would want to eat that way there too. Plus with the doctor telling me he needed more food I guess I felt more often was better. What do you ladies think? Sometimes I feel so lost...

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    Default Re: Will night weaning help solid intake?

    Having a tight schedule on feeding always backfired on me.

    For us, my kids wanted a bottle or nursing session first thing in the morning, no food. Then I'd offer some sort of small snack about midway through the morning, lunch somewhere around noon-1, a bottle/nursing session when they woke in the afternoon, then dinner. I didn't watch the clock so much as I cycled the feeding times around our activities, KWIM? I know it's different, since your child is in daycare.

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