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Thread: worried about weight gain

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    Default worried about weight gain

    hi all, I'm a little concerned about my DS's weight gain. He's 4 1/2 months old now and exclusively BFed. He's always fed well, takes a bottle of EBM on occasion but its rare and no real pacifier use. Plenty of wet and poopy diapers, no issues there. Born at 8lbs 6oz.
    At his second check up his doctor was slightly concered because he had gone from the 90th% to the 50th% for his weight. I managed to get him to start taking both breasts at each feeding and doing compressions so that he gets the most from each feeding. Then at about 3 1/2 months old he caught the stommach flu and was hospitalized for a week with diareea. This put a big dent in his weight gain and he missed his 4 month apointment with his pedi because of it.

    I'm now concerned that he isn't gaining fast enough to catch up to where he should be. He was 13lbs 7oz when I weighed him on tuesday last week. Other than that he seems to be a happy healthy baby. Turns both ways, holds his head fine.

    He actually sleeps from around 8Pm to 7 Am so I'm wondering if I should wake him up for a feeding or not. Has anyone gone through anything similar to this? Or am I just being a first-time-mom-worry-wort?

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    I faced a similar problem with my DD , she did spectacularly with her weight gain in the first two months then in the next two months she gained about 1 and a half pounds only and the doctor espressed a lot of concern etc.
    My DD also faced a lot of infections between 3-6 months and I attribute that definitely to a slower weight gain. Also the distractibility of the baby, so if your instinct says that your baby is doing good ,go with it.

    You could try adding one nursing session at night that would give an extra calorie boost definitely

    My baby is now 8 months old not a very chubby baby but delightful and active and happy and naughty!

    mother to 3 little darlings!

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    Default Re: worried about weight gain

    Sometimes it can take awhile to bounce back from an illness and "catch up". How many nursings does your baby get in during the day?

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