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Thread: starting solids how much do i give??

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    Default starting solids how much do i give??

    i just started my 5 month old on rice cerceal about a week ago i started with 1 tablespoon and last night i gave her two tablespoons. she eats twice a day. how much cereal should she be getting at this point? i bf her then wait an hour and give her cereal then i bf her agian

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    Default Re: starting solids how much do i give??

    Does she show signs of being hungry still? Breastmilk should be her first priority, then the solids. So, as long as you are still bfing as often, I would just watch her cues.

    I haven't started solids just yet, so I hope another mom chimes in to assist, but that's my thoughts...

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    Default Re: starting solids how much do i give??

    That's more than enough for now. A solid meal to start is 1-2 tbs.

    Just remember that solids don't take the place of a breastmilk feeding, but instead are extra (for experimentation mostly ).

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    Default Re: starting solids how much do i give??

    A 5 month old doesn't need any solids at this point if you don't want to. Like PP said, it's just for experimentation. Don't be afraid to hold off on solids til 6 months.
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    Default Re: starting solids how much do i give??

    The more recent recommendations suggest not to start baby until after 6 mo., when showing signs baby is ready and that cereal isn't even a must. See link for more info if interested
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